Gaming Night

Cooking Night

Live Stream

Cultural Night

Fly By The Mountains

International Event

Organised by AEROUBI & AS Covilhã, the Symposium Fly by the Mountains it’s a great opportunity to spend 3 wonderful days learning more about the aerospace industry listening from prestigious speakers from some well-known companies and organizations.

We cannot forget the social activities as well, which be held at night and where you will have the opportunity to connect more and to know the Portuguese culture and the history of the City of Covilha. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet wonderful people, and explore (even if virtually) the Portuguese culture. All of this, while learning a lot of super cool stuff about aerospace.

Know more in “General Information” section at the bottom of the page.



Gaming Night

Thursday night (6th of May) the Gaming Night will happen. It will take place from 20:00h (UTC) to 23:00h (UTC), and the game to be played will be said after all the rounds of applications are over. The points you have earned during the day, by attending the lectures, can be used in this activity.

Cooking Night

On Friday night will we do a Cooking Night. We will be making a traditional Portuguese dish and if you want you can follow along. During this you can spend the points you acquired to add things to our dish that aren´t supposed to be added, you don´t have to add this to yours only if you want. Because of this you must tell us if you are allergic or can´t eat certain foods. For the rest of the night, we will be chilling.

Live Stream

To show you a little bit of Covilhã and its art and culture, from historical sites to the city mountains. This activity will take place from 8:00h (UTC) to 18:00h (UTC) on Saturday (8th of May). We will be able to join us via Twitch or Discord if you prefer. During the day you can except to see more of our city, the history of AEROUBI & AS Covilhã and the aviation history of the city, and much more! Here you will be able to gather more points for the Cultural Night.

Cultural Night

Saturday night the Cultural Night will happen! Starting from 20:00h (UTC) until you can make it, a fun and exciting night awaits you. You must bring some traditional beverage from your country, and some food as well. We challenge you to stay with us until the end!

General Information


The maximum number of participants is 20. 

First round of application

The first round of application starts at 13th of April 2021 at 19:00 (UTC) and ends at 20th of April 2021 at 22:59 (UTC). To promote the diversity, priority will be given to the first (1) member of each (P)AS/AM. If there were free vacancies, a second round of applications will be opened, where a second person of each (P)AS will be accepted, also applying the selection criteria described above.  

Second round of application

The seconf round of application starts at 22nd of April 2021 at 19:00 (UTC) and ends at 27th April 2021 at 22:59 (UTC).  A maximum of two people per (P)AS will be accepted. If there were still free vacancies, they will be filled by the people on the waiting list with the criteria described above. 

Cancellation Rules

Deadline cancellation date is 28th of April 2021 at 22:59 (UTC). Participants on the waiting list that are admitted in the second round of applications or due to a cancellation will have one (1) week of cancellation from the moment the email of their acceptance is sent. 


To participate in the International Event – Fly by the Mountains, you must have the following requirements:

  1. Steam Account: You will need this for the Gaming Night.
  2. Discord account: You will need this to communicate with us, and to participate in some activities during the event.

We also advice you to have a Twitch account for the Live Stream. However, this is not mandatory because we will stream it on Discord.